About Locating Las Colinas

Our Mission

The Living in Las Colinas Team is centered around community and southern hospitality. We believe in bringing southern charm to every client and helping them find what they need with care and attention. “Most real estate agents will stop at building your list and having you do the work. On my team, we take every bit of care to ensure you find the home that fits your needs. If you’re selling, we help you get the most value. It’s our job to ensure you feel great about your real estate transactions.”

Our Story

Led by Derek Ragan, an ambitious young leader in the Las Colinas Community, Locating Las Colinas brings 30+ years of experience in the community. As a proud resident of Irving his entire life, Derek has a unique perspective and knowledge about the area. He is passionate about learning where new housing is popping up, what is available on the market and identifying communities that are on the rise. He spends a lot of time around the area, embedding himself in organizations such as the Rotary Club and a member of La Cima to keep his thumb on the pulse of what’s happening n the area. Derek has grown a team of over 250 agents around the world, and counting!

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