Lake Carolyn Path - Running Paths in Irving
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Best Hiking, Walking, Running Paths in Irving

If you love the outdoors, then you need to know the best hiking, walking, and running paths in Irving Texas! We share the love for getting outdoors and having fun in the sun. In fact, it’s pretty much an all year thing here in the Dallas area. You may find it a little too chilly or rainy some days throughout December through February, but for most of the year you can find yourself enjoying the sunshine at one of the dozens of trails and paths around Irving.

A couple of our favorite paths include:

  1. Cypress Waters – North Lake Path
  2. Lake Carolyn
  3. Campion Trail

The future of other Irving trails can be found here. Stay up to date on the incredible investments the City of Irving and Dallas County are making to ensure residents can always enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. There are also dozens of other walking and running trails to find in the map above.

Cypress Waters

One of our favorite running paths in Irving is the Cypress Waters trail around North Lake. The whole path goes up and down through the small town center shops and restaurants and leads all the way up to a gravel and grass path that is 2.5 miles.

Interestingly enough, it will eventually connect to Campion Trail which is another one of our favorite trails that is constantly expanding. Soon, Coppell and Irving are going to be interconnected through long trails and pathways, which is an exciting opportunity for city advancements.

Cypress Waters Trail Map - Running Paths in Irving Texas
Cypress Waters Trail Map

Lake Carolyn Loop

The Lake Carolyn Loop is a 3.2 mile path that surrounds the beautiful lake and interweaves city buildings and shops. The Lake Carolyn area is a lively hub of activities, outdoor fun, and business right off Las Colinas Blvd. and O’Connor Rd. in Irving, Tx.

It’s also the home to the Irving Marathon, which is becoming a staple in the Las Colinas area. In fact, the Irving Marathon attracts thousands of people from all over the country for about 8 major events throughout the year. There’s constantly something exciting happening around Lake Carolyn or at Toyota Music Factory. This whole area is full of things to do, so you’re never bored.

Campion Trail

Now, Campion Trail is going to be what interconnects cities to cities. This trail has been in progress and development since 1996! It’s about a 13 mile trail that goes through the entire city of Irving and Las Colinas.

This trail is perfect for those who are seeking more of a hike environment and enjoy nature. However, the trail is mostly flat and is made up of wide, paved pathways. It’s not a true hike.

It’s perfect for families, runners, bikers, and those who want to just enjoy a nice day surrounding by trees and nature. Although the Dallas area isn’t known for its true hiking trails, these paths offer a great connection to the outdoors. It will make you feel like you’re escaping the city life for just a bit.

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